The Case of the Missing Glove Finalé

"What are we gonna do about this?" He shrilled into the landline, "those detectives are asking questions; you told, no assured me that they were worthless, raggy gloves and no one would miss them". "Breath easy my friend,"  Roland's voice was calm, cool, "I am aware of the situation but they have no leads, they're [...]

The Case of the Missing Glove 4

He remained seated glancing beyond his cubicle at the portrait of gentle beauty in creme silk encased within it. The yellow fluorescent bulb scattered a golden hue around the office that carelessly blended with the dark hall. It's quitting time!, and I couldn't wait to be out of this building, I had shut down my [...]

The Case of the missing glove 3

  Are you sure this is the place? We glared at the wrecking domicile. "Yea, it is" Danny assured me. We got closer; "God damn! the house doesn't even have a doorbell", I knocked the door and minutes later, the door swung open.  A lad, maybe 15 or 16 with brunette hair, about 5 ft [...]

Neither Here nor There: Nigeria

I want to go to Nigeria, where the sun stays high and proud beaming down as palm trees morph into shadows pasted across our faces and the evening breeze sweeps fine sand beneath your slippers as we saunter into a supermarket in search of palm wine and ice-cream.   I want to go Nigeria where [...]